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Gasthaus Stahl
Gasthaus Stahl, Hotel, Bed and Breakfast, Oberwesel-Dellhofen near Bacharach on the Rhine river. © 2000 Foto Paul Stahl

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High-rise Buildings

City of commerce; city of exhibitions; center of transportation with the second largest European airport; the center of banking industry in the middle of Europe; location for the German Central Bank and economy metropolis in the middle of Germany - is also a city of culture with a unique variety of museums. Here, German emperors were crowned and here stands the Paulskirche- the cradle of German democracy. In spite of the cities metropolitan character, it maintained it's rustic corners. Take time to get to know Frankfurt; it's certainly worth while. We wish you a pleasant stay in Frankfurt. Big picture

Paulskirche (Paul's Church)

Protestant church in Frankfurt, built in classical style by J. A. Leibhardt; was in 1849/49 the conference place of the Frankfurt National Assembly.
In this church, the Germans struggled to obtain a large part of today's granted democracy.
As cradle for the German democracy, Paulskirche is a symbol for the German determination for unity and freedom. Big picture
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"Gasthaus Stahl is a real gem of a place, in that wonderful, scenic location up in the hills above the Rhine, in classic tiny Dellhofen village, yet only minutes away from the walled cities of Oberwesel and Bacharach, right on the river.
There are enough castles and other places of interest within 30-90 minutes of pleasant driving to keep tourists busy for a long time, but the serenity of the inn itself is the best feature.
The rooms are so classic, yet they have all the modern touches we need. The furnishings and atmosphere of the inn are from times we thought had gone past, and it was great to just soak in the gemutlichkeit! ... "
R J Del Vecchio, Fuquay-Varina, NC
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The old brick arch wine cellar of the Winery Stahl, in which the wines are stored; the wine grapes are self-grown and the wines are self-made. Wine tasting for groups up to 30 people in the brick arch wine cellar. You'll become a romantic feeling with the lights off and set aglow in candlelight. "The wine tasting at Weingut Stahl is truly educational, with more varieties of flavorful German wines than most Americans ever realize exist. I think that is worth the trip in itself."
R J Del Vecchio, Fuquay-Varina, NC
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Iron Bridge (Eiserner Steg) Big picture


The Frankfurt airport is Europe's 2nd largest airport. It's Germany's workplace with the most manpower. 52.000 people work in this city of its own, with restaurants, shopping centers and entertainment facilities offering events and action.
In the year 2000, the Frankfurt airport had more than 50 Million passengers.
Over 100 scheduled-flights airlines and almost as many charter-flights airlines connect Frankfurt with the entire world.

Emperor's Cathedral
The gothic church St. Bartholomäus, rebuilt and dedicated in 1239 to Saint Bartholomäus, became it's honorary title "Kaiserdom" in the 18th century.
From 1562 and on, the Cathedral was the showplace for altogether 10 imperial crownings.
Treasures of the cathedral include the Bartholomäus linen from the 15th century, the pews from the middle 14th century and the "Maria-, Schlaf- Altar." Big picture

Old opera
"I couldn't allow myself that in Berlin", was said to be emperor Wilhelm I´s astonished words, as he found out the people of Frankfurt wanted to build an opera house for 6 Million Goldmark. After 7 years of building, on the 20th of October, 1880, the emperor himself came to the grand-opening of the music temple.In 1944, after 2 nights of bombing, only a ruin was left. After years of restoration work, in 1981, the "Alte Oper" looked as good as new.
Over 600 events yearly take place in the neo-renaissance building, that's packed with high-tech equipment. Big picture

Historical building, "Römer"

3 former patrician houses (from the 14th century) -with their gothic, triple-gabled front- form the striking facade of the so called "Römer" -the symbol of the city of Frankfurt. In 1405, the Frankfurt city council acquired these houses along with 8 other patrician houses and converted them into a prestigious city hall. The center building contains exhibition and trade halls, used until 1846. Above these halls lies the emperors courtroom. Big picture. Big picture

Katharinenkirche. Big picture

Underground station Frankfurt (Hauptwache)
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